Mantis Cyprus

Mantis Cyprus is a subsidiary company of Mantis Informatics ( originally founded in Athens in 1996. Mantis Cyprus was established in 2002 so as to provide local support for the first major Warehouse Management projects. Since then Mantis Cyprus maintained its top position among suppliers of IT solutions for the Supply Chain (SCM solutions), with more than twice SCM projects than its nearest competitor.

Mantis Cyprus promotes implements and supports all projects undertaken with its own staff, having also the technical and R&D support of the relative teams of Mantis International. Mantis Cyprus’ Logistics Consultants are also involved in the implementation and support of SCM projects outside of Cyprus (e.g. in Israel, USA, Canada, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc.), thus covering the human resource needs of the International Division of Mantis.

In virtually all cases of Warehouse Management projects, Mantis Cyprus provides a complete turnkey solution which includes the Software, the necessary Hardware (IT infrastructure, Wireless equipment, etc.) and the relative Implementation, Training & Support Services.

Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), is using the latest technology in software development (MS dot NET), the most prevalent Relational Database platforms (MS SQL and Oracle RDBMS), the most modern Business Intelligence Tools and the latest solutions in Auto- ID (wireless networks, handheld wireless barcode RF terminals, Voice-directed Distribution solutions, Pick-To-Light, RFID, etc.).

With LVS Mantis remains the top supplier of solutions for Supply Chain Management in Greece, Cyprus and the Central Eastern Europe. Mantis’ local companies in Israel, Poland and Romania, founded in the past few years as subsidiaries of Mantis International, have made their presence noticeable in their local respective markets, by winning and implementing significant SCM projects.

Mantis Cyprus further enhanced its solutions’ portfolio when in 2004 introduced the technology of telematics management (fleet monitoring via GPS) to the Cyprus market (Fleet Vision) and spurred the development of the machine-to-machine service by Cyta (m2m: real-time secure data transfer via mobile GPRS and Internet networks).

Today, thousands of Cypriot company vehicles are remotely managed using GPS satellite tracking technologies. Mantis Cyprus has kept the leadership in this sector as well as over 2,000 vehicles are currently managed by Mantis’ Fleet Vision solution.

Also, through locally organized educational seminars, Mantis Cyprus informs the Cypriot business executives about developments in the field of Logistics and technologies and promotes contemporary practices and methodologies in Supply Chain Management.

Finally, Mantis Cyprus, with responsibility for promoting the Logistics Vision Suite III, in the countries of the Near Middle East and North Africa, is looking forward to the opening of these markets, where through local partners (Value Added Resellers) and the appropriate education (transfer of knowledge, certifications) will be able to expand and add important projects on the list of successes.


Technology Partners

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Oracle Gold Partner

  • Auto-ID Systems

  • Vocollect Voice

  • Pick to Light Systems

  • Vision Picking

  • Vision / Voice Picking

  • User Interface

  • Business Intelligence