Warehouse Control

Task Manager

Task Manager is a powerful tool that greatly facilitates the management of WMS tasks (picking, put-away, replenishment, etc.). An indicative list of its capabilities is given bellow:

  • Search current tasks by many criteria (type, status, depositor, item, etc.).
  • Execute tasks & group a number of tasks to a task list.
  • Modify task details such as priority, reassign another user to execute it, change the task destination (pick/put-away/.. destination).

Visual Warehouse Manager

Visual Warehouse Manager (VWM) is a state-of-the-art visual warehouse management tool. VWM greatly facilitates the management of warehouse daily operations by allowing the visual monitoring of all stock status and movements through the various warehouse areas and storage systems in real time as well as the visual setup of the characteristics of storage locations and the visual initiation of stock-related tasks. An indicative list of VWM's capabilities is given bellow:

  • Visualization/monitoring:
    • Topographical representation of the storage locations and operational areas within a distribution center.
    • Many zoom levels are supported within the distribution center reaching up to the stock details.
    • Visualization of activity details in real time.
    • Powerful stock locator facility with a visualization of the search results on top of the warehouse layout.
  • Management:
    • Visual setup of all attributes of storage locations.
    • Visual initiation of stock related tasks such as reservation, relocation, etc.

Work Force Supervisor

Work Force Supervisor [WFS] is a visual user-friendly tool that enables warehouse managers to monitor the actions of the RF users and interact with them in real time regardless of their location (i.e. a warehouse manager can monitor RF users who are located in different local or remote buildings/sites). Besides monitoring, expert warehouse managers can use WFS to help/train RF users in real time. An indicative list of its capabilities is given bellow:

  • Real time viewing of a user's RF screen.
  • Ability to monitor and/or stop one or more active RF users simultaneously.
  • Ability to send/receive messages to/from one or more RF users simultaneously.

Operational Alerts

This module is based on the "Event & Alert Engine" that is included in the core system. It allows users to define their "interest" to specific operational alerts as well as the way to be notified by the system (e-mail, pop-up message, etc). So far the alerts supported are those related to the (successful or unsuccessful) results of specific EDI operations (relevant to LVS/Logistics Link Manager). More alerts will be introduced in the future.