Logistics Customer Service

It extends the supply chain outside the walls of the enterprise enabling company's trade partners (customers, resellers, suppliers, etc.) to retrieve information on stock and order status in real time, to submit orders and ASNs and in general access and interact with the company through a multi-channel communication infrastructure (web, smartphone/tablets, call center & fax):

  • e-Track&Trace: Retrieve logistics data concerning the status of warehouse stock and key logistics activities in real time as well as historical data.
  • e-Order: Create and submit sales/delivery orders.
  • e-ASN: Create and submit Advanced Shipping Notices – ASNs (receipts).

This subsystem is a "must" for 3PLs/4PLs who want to provide their customers (depositors) with the above functionality concerning their own stock and logistics activities. It is also very useful for distributors/wholesalers and retailers who want to provide their logistics staff and executives with such functionality.