Logistics Vision Suite - Overview

Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), Mantis' flagship WMS/logistics software suite, is an integrated state of the art family of extended Supply Chain Execution software systems.

LVS' design represents a great leap in WMS/logistics technology, offering enterprise-scale true adaptability & flexibility that is unique world-wide. It meets the needs of even the most demanding large enterprises with ease and helps them to achieve an unbeatably fast ROI + low TCO. The company makes this claim, after having successfully outperformed some of the best competitive WMS on the market.

More than 500 enterprises, many of them leading multinationals, representing all major market sectors (3PLs/4PLs, retailers, distributors / wholesalers, etc.) and selling channels (traditional and e-commerce) rely on Mantis' software and solutions to run and optimize their warehousing and logistics operations. The system has been successfully integrated with most major ERPs (SAP, Oracle/JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Epicore, etc.).

In particular, the following LVS software systems and modules can be combined, to create the most appropriate logistics solution for an enterprise:

Warehouse Vision is a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) and is the heart of LVS. It manages all activities of single and multi-site, private and public distribution centres and improves productivity and efficiency of available resources such as labour, racking, forklifts and material handling systems.
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Warehouse Value supports value added services performed within the distribution centre including kitting and light production activities such as the creation of promotional items and displays (by Supermarkets and FMCG distributors) and the assembly of the final "ready-made" products (computers, electrical & electronic devices, furniture, etc). It supports an unlimited number of BOM levels that can be version controlled as well as "Back-Flushing" for automatic issuing of the components and packing materials.
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Dock & Gate Management controls the gates and plans the reception docks for incoming trucks. The module, which provides comprehensive reporting for supplier / customer evaluation includes a graphical "calendar" interface that allows customer service representatives to create / modify plans for reserving reception locations for incoming trucks per warehouse activity (expected receipts, returns and order-shipments).
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Warehouse Automation consists of a smart combination of proven competitively priced systems and technologies (Voice Picking, Pick/Sort-to-Light/Put-Wall, Pick-to-Cart, RFID, etc.) that have been significantly enhanced by Mantis and offered as turn-key solutions. Furthermore, the company's platform is designed to easily integrate with material handling equipment such as ASRS, Miniloads, Shuttles, Carousels, Sorters, etc.
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Logistics Billing & Costing includes Warehouse & Distribution Billing that undertake the full control, calculation, issuing and maintenance of all invoice data concerning warehousing & distribution activities. These modules are used by 3PLs/4PL and logistics business units of an enterprise wishing to act/operate as a 3PL/4PL company.
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Warehouse Control enables properly authorized staff to fully control all activities of local and remote warehouses and stores through powerful manager-friendly software tools running on mobile devices / tablets and workstations. The tools allow the management of WMS tasks (picking, put-away, replenishment, counting, etc.), the visualization of the inventory (inventory quantities / attributes / status vs. storage bins & locations) in all distribution centers as well as the monitoring and management of WMS users in real time regardless if they are located in the same or in another warehouse in the same or another city or country.
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Traceability Management provides full lot traceability from receipts to order shipments as well as lot genealogy both in warehousing and production areas. It can support up to 100% recall accuracy depending on the trace detail level the customer decides to employ in the warehousing & distribution operations.
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Logistics Customer Service extends the supply chain outside the walls of the enterprise enabling company's trade partners (customers, resellers, suppliers, etc.) to retrieve information on stock and order status in real time, to submit orders and ASNs and in general access and interact with the company through a multi-channel communication infrastructure (web, smartphone / tablets, call center & fax).
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Supply Chain Intelligence includes a collection of reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) which are predefined in LVS as well as business intelligence tools allowing customers to easily create new ones.

Adaptability includes powerful tools and unique built-in features allowing Mantis' partners and customer's own staff to easily adapt LVS covering almost every logistics need of a modern enterprise.
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Specialized Logistics Solutions

Mantis has designed and developed specialized Supply Chain Management solutions for specific vertical market sectors and countries / regions:

  • Distribution Management & Optimization including Vehicle Route Optimization, Proof of Delivery, Fleet Management and Distribution Profit & Loss.
  • Inventory Planning & Optimization.
  • Warehouse Resources Advanced Planning & Scheduling.
  • Manufacturing Execution System.
  • Quality & Safety Planning & Execution system for the food and beverage industry.
  • Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) and Container Freight Station (CFS) to manage container terminals and their logistics centers.
  • Physical Document Archive Management to automate the access to large physical document archives kept in banking, insurance, government, etc.
  • Logistics Customer Service Automation through Document Management-Workflow-&-Call Center technologies and applications.

Architecture - Technology

LVS, is based on the latest Microsoft DOT NET and other de-facto standards supporting the two most popular RDBMS systems, Microsoft SQL server and Oracle. It relies on the latest MS DOT NET framework, offering full 64bit support at both client and server sides. The system is based on a 3-tier structure including User Interface (UI), Business Application Logic (BL) and Data Access (DA) layers. Users can access LVS from Radio Frequency terminals, Voice terminals, Pick/Sort-to-Light/Put-Wall and Pick-to-Cart systems, and of course from Microsoft Windows PCs and tablets. Also several LVS functions can be accessed through Web Browsers and Smartphones (Apple/iOS, Android, etc).

It is a highly adaptable system, based on unique business rule and scenario building technologies. It is true multi-lingual software employing a superb personalization mechanism resulting in a very user friendly interface. It has been designed from the very beginning to support all demanding logistics activities in real time and for high transactional volume (large multi-site enterprises).

The effectiveness of a logistics information system is directly dependent on its ability to easily integrate with existing IT systems such as ERP & MRP. LVS is already successfully integrated in 100's of customers with almost all international ERPs (SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Infor, Epicore, etc.) as well as with several country-specific and regional ERPs. Furthermore, Mantis has developed a special subsystem (Logistics Link Manager), which allows fast initial setup of the interfaces with existing IT systems, as well as easy maintenance of the interfaces in the future.