Unlock your profitability through order fulfilment excellence

Real-time visibility and synchronization with your providers

Big volumes, number of providers, SKUs complexity and seasonality leave no margin for disruption at your supply chain. You need full visibility at your providers' inventory but also at your stores warehouses. Without an adaptable and scalable WMS system, you cannot achieve forecasting accuracy, just-in-time receipts and deliveries at stores and eliminate out-of-stock threat. Mantis LVS rapidly adjusts to your business' constant changing needs and leads to operational excellence.

State-of-the-art picking & put away strategies for low-cost order execution

As your profit margins in the business are very low, you must avoid expensive and slow logistics operations. You chase high level customer satisfaction but with cost pressure as well. Turn the key of a warehouse management software that includes a full range of picking and put away strategies permitting low-cost order fulfilment.

Preserve traceability and compliance to demanding regulations

Transform your traceability system to a unique competitive advantage for you and your providers, offering to your consumers vast variety of information regarding the origin and the journey of their products of interest until they come to their hands. Safeguard track and trace of food and non-food products end-to-end and face with the best possible way potential recalls that demand immediate and effective supply chain management.


Demand Driven Replenishment Management

No stockouts or understock - over stock per product

Traceability Upstream & Downstream Management

Ensuring compliance

Cross Docking

Rapid shipping process, reduced operations costs, time effective order fulfillment

Returns Adaptability

Best reverse logistics performance

e-Workspace portal & EDI Integration

Maximizing visibility with suppliers


Multi Channel

Emerge in a multi channel marketplace

Track Routing

Fostering e-Commerce order processing and easy LTL management

Parcel and LTL Management

When you want to go e-Commerce and a truck fleet sounds costly

Re-packing & Labelling

Successful trade promotions


Stock Control

Keep your stock available with the ability to define your rules per order type, consignee, consignee categories, item, item smart attributes

Advanced Task Management

Reduce operational costs, increase productivity and accuracy

Purchase Order (PO) Proposals

Inventory accuracy and efficiency

Recalls Accuracy

Minimizing company's fame effect

Warehouse Intelligence

Enabling management decisions' with accuracy and intelligibility

Dark Stores Management

Successful city logistics

LVS Unique Features

  • Smart Logistics Attributes
    facilitate zero-code integration of requirements, easy set up and upgrade
  • Unbeatable Adjustability
    empowered by unlimited number of pack types and location multi-tenancy
  • Visual Scenario Builder
    for algorithms' creation
  • Unique Adaptability Toolkit
    for effective adaptation of new business needs with zero-code integration
  • Full Integration
    with warehouse equipment and materials handling automation systems
  • Picking + Put Away technology integration
    (Voice Picking, Pick/Sort-to-Light/Put-Wall, Pick-to-Cart, RFID, Smart Glasses)
  • 2-Level Item Inventory
    Accommodate multiple order fulfillment scenarios utilizing either soft or hard stock allocation for order demands