Warehouse Value


The support of kits (sets) of items in all necessary warehousing activities is the object of this module. It allows orders (SOs, ASN) to refer to kits while internal warehouse processes handle the corresponding component stock without the need to assemble them into kits.

Warehouse Production

It is a comprehensive application supporting light production activities within a distribution center. Such activities are usually the creation of promotional items and displays (by Supermarkets and FMCG distributors) and the assembly of the final "ready-made" products (devices, furniture, etc). An indicative list of the capabilities of this module is given bellow:

  • Assembly of existing components (SKUs) and packaging materials to produce new SKUs by employing advanced multilevel specifications (Bill Of Material - BOM).
  • An unlimited number of BOM levels are supported. BOMs can be version controlled.
  • Informs user on the products expected to be produced per production line/order (SKU, QTY etc.).
  • Back-Flushing for automatic issuing of the components and packing materials.

Touch Screen Packing Station

LVS/Touch Screen Packing Stations (TSPS) are usually installed on (customized per case) workbenches that greatly facilitate the packing, weighting and checking processes. The (manually or automatically through material handling technologies) picked goods pass through the Touch Screen Packing Stations where operators check, split and merge the goods at the desired level of detail such as cartons, inner-cartons & pieces. TSPS can also catch/register the weight of the resulting packages and can generate packing lists and shipping labels where required to facilitate the vehicle loading and delivery process. Finally, TSPS enable the users to check the goods during the packing process.