Pharmacists' Cooperative

The pharmacists' cooperative in Achaia and Islands (SY.F.A.N.) is established in Patra and is activated in trade, storage and distribution of medicines and OTC products.

In 2009 SY.F.A.N. successfully completed the investment plan concerning the relocation of warehouses and offices in a new modern distribution center that occupies a total area of 2,800 sq.m., employs 55 employees and has a total turnover of 77,000,000 Euros.

The Need

The rapid increase in company's turnover, the need for proper monitoring of the part numbers and the proper and speedy supply of pharmacy shops, led SY.F.A.N. proceed in the implementation of Mantis' sophisticated information system Logistics Vision in order to improve supply chain processes.


For the efficient management of the part numbers and the correct and immediate service of about 1,000 orders per day were used the following hardware and software technologies:

  • Warehouse Management System Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis
  • 13 RF wireless terminals
  • 1,100 Pick by Light locations
  • 4 Pick by Cart with 6 locations per cart
  • Roller conveyors
  • 4 Sorters with 4 exit routs

The Solution

The whole storage and distribution system is in real time and provides a precise knowledge of stock and full control of the transactions and movements. The orders are transferred from ERP to WMS and are automatically separated by area and customer. The next step is the forwarding of the orders to the OTC premises and to medium moving products area which are picked by the Pick by Cart method. After that, the orders are forwarded through the roller conveyors to the 4 Pick by Light zones where the picking process is completed. Finally, via belt conveyors, the fulfilled orders are led to the sorters where are rooted according to the delivery point. At that time, the corresponding statements are issued automatically.


Beyond the benefits related to the optimal and more efficient management of the supply chain, there are additional ones that deserve special attention such as:

  • Remarkable error reduction up to 65%
  • Customer service and execution time improvement
  • Employee's productivity enhancement up to 52%

Modern technology combined with specialized information systems solution is the ideal combination for the purpose we all try to achieve today: the cost reduction and to become even stronger from the crisis that affects all of us.

Application Statistics

  • About 16,000 lines / day are served
  • The Pick by Light zones serve 10,300 lines / day
  • The Pick by Cart zones serve 3,200 lines / day
  • The wireless terminals serve 2,500 lines / day

The whole circuit of warehousing and distribution is in real time and there is exact knowledge of the stock and full control of the transactions and the movements.