5th Element, the largest retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances in Belarus, goes with Mantis' LVS and ant Technologies

October 14, 2013

5th Element is the largest retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances in Belarus. The company's distribution network consists of 32 stores in 19 cities across the country that is complemented by an online store offering delivery of goods from the company's central warehouses.

Differentiation is the key marketing strategy of the company. The main competitive advantages of 5th Element according to the company's consumers are: a wide variety of high quality products at attractive prices, the availability of professional support at all buying stages and the best selection of services.

Stock availability, accurate shipments, timely delivery, minimization of errors in all warehouse operations and reduction of the time required for the execution of orders, are the key targets of the company in order to assure its success in the future.

The company, in order to minimize its warehousing costs and further improve its customer service level, decided to implement an advanced warehouse management system. Following a thorough market research, the company selected ant Technologies, Mantis' partner in Belarus (and Russia/CIS), and Warehouse Vision (the WMS arm of Mantis' leading Logistics Vision software suite).